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Minimum Screening Requirements

The Minimum Screening Requirements and CAUSE Standards documents are not intended to be and should NOT be construed as legal advice, guidance or counsel.  Employers should consult their own attorney about their legal responsibilities under applicable law. Sue Weaver CAUSE (CAUSE) expressly disclaims any warranties, responsibility or damages associated with or arising out of information provided or an employer’s use of any information on this website.

Everyone has the right to work, not all jobs are right for everyone.  CAUSE Guidelines were developed as a part of CAUSE Certification and are meant to be used as a resource when determining the minimum background investigation that should be performed on anyone that will be working in our homes or with the vulnerable populations.  Continuous monitoring, annual screens and more comprehensive background investigations are highly recommended.  Please consult a PBSA member company for your background screening needs.  

  • Name and Address Trace: A commercial database product such a Social Security Number Trace (i.e., Social Security Number Verification) or other proprietary consumer reporting agency product to determine the names and addresses associated with a subject.  The purpose of this search is to validate the subject's name and address history provided on the application.  If a "no record found result" is obtained, use alternate methods, to the extent available, to verify the name and address history of subject.

  • Social Security Number Validation:  Verification of the SSN has been validly issued and that the number is not on the "Death Master Index".  If search results indicate that the number is invalid or no record found, obtain confirmation that the SSN has been recently issued and that the issue date and place matches the subject's stated history.  Use an alternate method to verify that the SSN matches the subject. 

  • National/State Sex Offender Registry:  The search of current and historical information from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico for the identity and location of known sex offenders.  This search may be combined with Multi-jurisdictional/"National" Criminal Database search if sex offender records are included.  The National Sex Offender Public Registry website may be used.

  • Local Criminal Court Searches:  Criminal records searches shall utilize all names and addresses of the subject revealed in the name and address trace for the past seven years.  Search of records in county courthouse or equivalent to determine if applicant has a record impacting his or her ability to be CAUSE Certified.  Searches shall be performed directly through the courts or their equivalents or better (i.e., more up-to-date records.  If the subject has lived outside of the United States, including temporarily for purpose of work or education, during the seven years, searches of such foreign courts or their equivalent shall be completed unless not reasonably practical because of additional significant expense, delay, or lack of availability.

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Record Database:  Search of current and historical records on individuals by accessing critical information combined from participating jurisdictions in the nationwide criminal record database.  This search includes information from multiple criminal record repositories, enhancing the discovery of records when applicant has moved, or committed a crime from another state.  The search often includes information from the Department of Correction records, FBI terrorist list and Federal/State/Local Wanted Fugitive Lists.

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