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Protect Your Business

Background Investigations Make Good Business Sense



Safety at work is mandated and requires federal oversight.  Consumers should expect safety in their homes. Your customers and clients deserve that same consideration and commitment to safety should be one of the highest priorities of any business. 


Comprehensive criminal background investigations should be your first step in keeping your workplace safe.  Background checks will allow you to make informed hiring decisions and place your staff in the most appropriate position.  At CAUSE, we support everyone's right to work, but, every job is not right for every applicant. 


Comprehensive background investigations should be your first line of defense.  Today many background companies offer frequent monitoring of your employees to further reduce your liability risks.

For your convenience CAUSE has published what we feel should be the absolute Minimum Screening Guidelines for anyone that would be working in residential homes or with vulnerable populations.  It is important to continue screening your staff on a regular basis, not just as part of your hiring process.


In collaboration with professionals representing law enforcement, right to work groups,  background screening and victim rights, CAUSE developed Standards as a tool to assist in assessing applicants that would be working in clients homes or with the vulnerable populations.  

The Minimum Screening Guideline and CAUSE Standards documents are not intended to be and should NOT be construed as legal advice, guidance or counsel.  Employers should consult their own attorney about their legal responsibilities under applicable law. Sue Weaver Cause (CAUSE) expressly disclaims any warranties, responsibility or damages associated with or arising out of information provided or an employer’s use of any information on this website.

 Scales of Justice

Negligent hire means the employer knew or should have known that the employee was unfit for a particular job, hired him anyway, and the employee engaged in a violent act. 


Negligent retention means employers can be held liable for negligent retention when they knew or “should have known” if an employee has a reasonable propensity to injure members of the workforce or of the public.  Either of these liabilities could put many organizations out of business. 

The Sue Weaver CAUSE is a non-profit organization advocating for comprehensive background investigations. We believe a criminal background check could have saved Sue's life.  CAUSE is not a background screening provider.  We are a member of PBSA, Professional Background Screening Association, and recommend you contact any of their member companies for your background investigation needs.

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