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What to ask before hiring a service worker

Ask questions about the worker or workers the company you hire will be sending into your home. Don't assume just because they are a reputable company that they do criminal background checks on all of their workers.  Some companies even subcontract the work out and they don't even know who will be in your home.  Most importantly if the company refuses to answer your questions or are very vague in their answers, then you might want to consider another company.  If they tell you they do a national background check, ask if that is all they do. There really isn't such a thing as one all encompassing background check, so don't be fooled when someone tells you they only do national background checks.  Find a company that does comprehensive screening that includes county searches too. And most importantly, "bonded and insured" is not a criminal background check, it is merely protecting the business owner if their employee steels something from your home!

Working in the Garden


Do you perform background checks on all of your employees, contractors and subcontractors?


When and how often are background checks done?


Which background screening company do you use to perform your background investigations?


How can I be assured the worker you are sending into my home has had a criminal background check done?

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Electrical Work
Roof Construction
Delivery Men

Safety tips for when a service worker is at your house

Woman Holding Coffee Cup

Invite a friend over for coffee, don't be home alone with a service worker.

If you are home alone, always let someone know that the worker has arrived and what company they are with.  Arrange for that person to check back with you during the estimated time the work is being done. It's also perfectly acceptable to remain on the phone throughout the service call.

Even if a friend recommends a company, do your own homework.  Beware of companies that claim they have conducted "National Background Checks".  These checks do not include every county and/or every state.  When it comes to protecting your family be thorough!

Door Installation

Don't feel obligated to follow the worker around your house, especially in the attic or basement.  Stay close to an exit instead.

Never give personal information like where you workout or like to hangout.  

Make sure all of your doors and windows are locked after the worker leaves.

Be aware inside and outside of your home. Our everyday habits can often open us up to violence.

Don't leave purses, wallets or valuables where they are easy access.  It only takes a second for a valuable to disappear. 

Family Time

Your children are not protection.  You are actually more vulnerable if you are alone with small children.  Your attacker might threaten you with the life of your child if you don't do what he wants. 

Do not hesitate to say "NO" when the worker arrives if you feel uncomfortable. 


Trust your instincts. 

Beware of inappropriate/leading questions from the service worker in your home.  "You have to watch how seemingly innocent conversation can actually be accumulating intelligence" says Jeff McKissack, Defense By Design.

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