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Educating and Protecting Families Since 2004

Commit to Always Using Screened Employees

At Sue Weaver CAUSE we believe that our efforts can make a huge difference in protecting your family, your home and your workplace.   CAUSE promotes comprehensive criminal background checks of in-home service workers.  Proper criminal background investigations empowers employers to place the applicant in the most appropriate position.

Don't assume that service companies screen all employees (and contractors) who provide in-home services. In fact, very few companies conduct thorough background checks, as it is typically not a matter of legal compliance. Through public awareness, advocacy, and service provider education, Sue Weaver CAUSE promotes screening standards for employees, contractors, and companies who provide in-home services to their customers.

By sharing Sue's story and those of other victims of in-home service tragedies,  we bring the dangers of not knowing who you hire front and center. CAUSE shares tips for keeping your family safe when service work  is needed in your home .  We also provide you with some questions to ask in advance of hiring a worker.  

At CAUSE, we believe everyone has the right to work, just not every job is right for everyone.  Common sense tells us you wouldn't hire a drug dealer to work in a pharmacy, a thief to work in a bank, or a sex offender to work in our homes.  Unfortunately, common sense is not law and employers must rely on comprehensive background investigations to provide them with the much needed information to put the applicant in the most appropriate position.  We offer employers our minimum screening Standards and our Guidelines to assist them in the due diligence to keep both their work place and clients safer.

The Sue Weaver CAUSE does not actually do any background investigations.  We do however rely on our partners, those companies that are members of NAPBS, National Association of Professional Background Screeners.  They are the experts in the industry and without them, CAUSE couldn't do the work that we do.  CAUSE is a proud member of NAPBS and has worked closely with them on various projects such as presenting to the EEOC,  National Chamber of Commerce as well as numerous television and print interviews.  

CAUSE wants you to feel safe in your own home!   By advocating for comprehensive criminal background investigations of in-home service workers, we are working toward our goal of keeping you and your family safer when you need service work in your home.  We don't want there to be anymore victims of in-home service workers!

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